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What About Prizes for my Competition?!

How Much Cash should I Pay out? Which Divisions should i give Prizes too? How do I get Sponsors to Give me Prizes? I’ll answer all these Questions AND MORE in this Video!!

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When You Program for your Competitions… don’t forget to Consider these 3 things or everyone will think you’re a DICK!

Most Event Organizers want to Create an AWESOME experience for Athletes AND Spectators when they Plan and Program their events. We want to come up with something Creative and Challenging and frankly… MISERABLE… but in a good way! The problem is that if that’s all we’re thinking about, WE’RE GOING TO SCREW UP OUR EVENT! […]

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Thanks to the Barbell Business Crew for this Awesome Resource!

FREE DOWNLOAD: GYM REFERRAL GENERATION KIT The new year can be a hugely profitable and exciting time for gyms to get new members. Properly planning your referral strategy can make the new member generation process a lot more streamline and enjoyable. We want to help with this. To make your life a little easier, we’ve […]

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